Thursday, August 20, 2009

vagabond spinster

this spinster is taking her ass to toronto! the point is to pursue one's own goals and dreams, instead of being a handmaiden for everyone else's goals and dreams.

even when the spinster appears to be living a carefree, freewheeling, selfish life, she's still on some level serving some other woman who is married and has kids. in some way she is kind of latching on to some family unit or another, trying to get a piece.

no more! time to break away. the risk is breaking away into a total void where there will be nobody to love her, but whatever. that's always the risk. and it's that fear that keeps her subservient, and not the married kind of subservient with the concomitant perks of sex and babies and her own kitchen.

all the way alone. shooting the moon, bitches!!!

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