Monday, August 10, 2009

TEAM SPINTER'S spinster team!

1. Jane Eyre
lonely, not pretty, one imagines her in gray, romantic, brave, poor, fictional, eventually gets her man, but only after he is badly damaged.

2. Jane Austen
lonely, romantic/satirical, writer, best friends with her sister, not pretty, one imagines her with very thin hair, brave, poor, rumors of a tragic failed romance, never gets her man.

3. Beatrix Potter
lonely, romantic, artist, not super pretty, tragic romance, rich!, one imagines her with an oddly red face, eventually gets her man, but no children.

4. Elizabeth Barrett Browning
lonely, romantic, poet, not super pretty, tragically ill, well off, one imagines her with unfortunate hairstyle, eventually gets her man and lives fabulous life in portugal!

5. the Ladies of Llangollen

I'm pretty sure they were lezes.

6. all the Bronte sisters
poor, romantic, writers, one imagines that maybe one got married, but one is too lazy to wiki it to find out.

7. oh some others. maybe you could suggest?